Music. Is it not such a common word? To begin with, music plays an important role in shaping one’s identity. Without it, one would not be a whole person. Music has helped several people shape their personality and has made them take control of the person they want to become. Since the ancient cultures and until nowadays music has played a major role in influencing multiple societies and cultures around the globe. It has become difficult to escape from because we are not only exposed to music via the radio, but also tapes, CD’s, television programs, cinema films, as well as being an integral part of television advertising. Music has intruded more and more into public spaces, such as supermarkets, shops, waiting rooms, buses, taxis, aircraft, bars, restaurants, cafes, from the passing “ghetto-blaster” car, and not to mention the bombardment of uninvited musical sounds. Today, most six to seven year old children have probably come into contact with more music than those people living before the age of electronic media did in their whole lives. The numerous amount of music exposure that has intruded in today’s society has influenced several youngsters, including myself, and probably you, to have different personalities and behaviors.

Just for you to have and idea, music and history had always came up together, being part of a lot of people’s nowadays, with a great advantage that makes us addicted to it, because of what it makes us feel, and with the disadvantage that makes people so close to it that they become farther from society. But, music is identity, and our identities are not made by ourselves, but build by people around us, just like music.

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