Maverick gas stations were developed in the early 80’s by a group of money hungry men that were born before the invention of the automobile. They aimed to revamp the gross truck stop lot lizard havens that 80’s gas stations have become.At maverick they have a burrito section that makes some fantastic chicken churrito burritos that are seriously the bomb says Kenzie Sheffield student of Davis and maverick connoisseur, Kenzie Sheffield has been going to maverick since she little girl.Recently she has taken a liking to the low gas prices that maverick offers while the rest of the world follows the founders policy and exploits the capitalist policy of supply and demand and demands insane high gas prices while us common workers suffer the high gas prices and struggle to pay rent.This highlights on the supreme problems of capitalism say Gavin Dwayne cox a ex-member of a local band. As a previous republican Gavin turned alt left and he realized the exploitation of the laboring class for the rich to get richer was a problem that wasn’t going to fix itself.Now back to maverick the communist company the rose up above its capitalist roots to allow everyone to prosper. Maverick is the perfect company in the eyes of tanner Stuart a local Davis high student that claims one time they even paid him to fill up his self titled truck bubbles at their gas pumps.Another gas station that was so lucky as to be included in this years 2021 meme lineup was Texaco due to their rewards program that essentially gives away product for free and helps the homeless all while sucking money out of rich oil barons and making the world a better place.

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