It is no surprise that many journalists at Davis High have a favorite subject to write about, but what is less well known is that many journalists have a single subject that they hate writing about the most: sports.

Journalists each week are assigned a topic to write about based on the categories that you see on this website and it is up to them to find a topic to write about. They are the let loose to write the story and interview people relevant to the story.

The most widely loathed topic to be assigned is Davis High sports.

“It is absolutely the worst subject to write about.”

said a journalist who proceeded to go into a rant when asked about if sports was their least favorite subject.

“I just don’t care, I hate Davis High sports and have no interest in sports in general. Why the heck would you waste your time?”

said the same journalist fired up about sports.

Many others shared the same sentiment, if a little less extreme.

“I enjoy sports in general, but writing about Davis sports is my least favorite topic.”

Calmly explained another journalist.

This was a common comment on the journalism team. Many of them liked sports in general but found writing about Davis sports boring.

“I just don’t care, there is not a lot going on.”

Explained another journalist.

It seems that the vast majority of journalists are fine with sports, but do not like writing about them.

“I understand your interest in the sport if you play on a Davis High team, but for everyone else it is kind of hard to relate to”

Said a journalist when asked about their final remarks on sports.

Covid-19 has also decreased interest in Davis Sports because now many sports tournaments that previously would have been held are now cancelled, meaning not a lot is going on in the Davis sports world.

In the end it is up to the audience on what is popular or not, and sports will continue to stay a category, even if loathed, for many years to come.

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