Are you interested in teaching, but aren’t ready for the commitment of an internship? An alternative option would be to take the CE Intro to Education class taught by Melody Beutler. It is a class that gives students the opportunity to experience a classroom setting, earn high school elective credit, and earn 3 college credits through Weber State’s Concurrent Enrollment Program.

In the CE Intro to Education class students have to opportunity to observe other teachers and teach lessons themselves. Students are given 12 opportunities to observe teachers from elementary schools, junior highs, and high schools. The students schedule these appointments with the teachers and use this opportunity to learn what they like about various teaching styles and what they dislike. The students are required to go to at least 2 elementary classes, 2 junior high class, and 2 high school class and the remaining 6 are up to the students to decide. The requirement for all grade levels is a good requirement because a student may think they want to be a kindergarten teacher, but might come to find out that the environment of a kindergarten class is too innocent or immature for them. It gives students a real opportunity to find out what they might want to do.

Students are also given an opportunity to teach a lesson while participating in this class. Mrs. Beutler has an awesome way for students to do this. There is criteria and lessons that need to be covered while taking the course, so rather than teaching them herself she gives the students the opportunity to teach those lessons. She assigns the lesson you will teach at the beginning of the semester and requires that you make a power-point for the class for students to follow along with to take the required notes, that there is active discussion during the lesson, and that there is an activity to involve the class. You are given a partner to teach this lesson with and get a feel for the style that you would want to teach.

Students also have the opportunity to attend seminars and conferences and learn from district officials and teachers. This gives students an understanding of how the school system functions and opens up the opportunity to work at a district level. These officials have a great perspective on education and have seen some of the most amazing transformations among students through out their years of teaching and this is a great opportunity for students participating in this class.

I had the opportunity to speak with Melody Beutler, the teacher for this class, and gain her perspective on this class. She said she loves teaching this class and that, “the students are just great! They are great and outstanding.” She expressed the importance and relevance that CE plays on the pathway to higher education and that the Intro to Education Class is one of many classes that can put students on this path. The students are open to discuss the issues that teacher face and she said that, “I learn from the students and I am always impressed by the insight they bring to the class.” She also talked about the success she has seen come from this class. She has had teachers gone on to teach and some have even gone on to teach in other countries and become successful.

I have loved taking this class because I have always wanted to be a teacher. This class has really given me a feel for the kind of teacher I aspire to be. I understand what subjects’ interest me more than others. It also has taught me what forms of teaching are effective and which ones are aren’t. I have learned that keeping students interested is a key component to teaching, especially teaching teenagers, which is what I am interested in. I have a better understanding of how I might want to teach one day and I believe that the teachers that I have disagreed with their method most are the best ones because I learn what I do not want to be as I further myself into becoming a teacher.


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