2022-2023 drill tryouts!

Drill Tryouts are coming up! Drill is so much fun and a great way to become involved in the school! If you are interested, look at the information below.

Pre-Tryout clinics are on March 9- 7:30-8:45 AM, and March 16- 7:30-8:45 AM, taught by Coach Cierra and former D’ette, Halle Hunt. Parent meeting on March 10- 7:00  PM. Clinics are March 20 and 22- 3:30-5:30 PM. Tryouts are March 23- 3:30 PM.

Pre-tryout clinics are not required in order to try out but are recommended. They are super fun and show you a sneak peek as to what type of dancing will be included in the drill this year. They are taught by Cierra, a former national title-winning, UVU dance team member, and current U of U spirit team member, Halle Hunt.

Tryout clinics will be where tryout dances are taught. They are taught by the current seniors of the team. A jazz combo, a hip-hop combo, an across-the-floor technique combo, and a military combo will be taught.

After both days of tryout clinics, on the 10th, tryouts will be held. They begin at 3:30. The environment at tryouts is a bit stressful but the same as any other tryouts. You are given a number and are called into the room 4 at a time.

When called into the room, there is a set of judges, along with the 4 coaches and the 4 captains of the drill team. In the room, the 4 girls will show all the combinations learned at tryout clinics.

After all, girls have gone through the tryout process, there could be a couple of rounds of callbacks. After the coaches and judges discuss, they print out letters to all of the girls that tried out and call everyone to come to get their letters.

After everyone reads their letters, the girls that made it come back into the room and get a D’ette shirt and take pictures with each other. When everyone is done, the new, 2022-2023 D’ette’s, get dinner and shakes to celebrate.

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

A 1954 American musical film, directed by Stanley Donen. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a musical based on a farm boy trying to find a wife and marry her. As for the rest of his 6 other brothers, they all fall in love with 6 other girls in a small town. The settings of this story is farm land, small town, singing and country dancing.

Davis students get to preform this amazing play for their musical this year. Liam Bean, a senior at Davis plays the part as Caleb, one of the seven brothers in the play.

“I think Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is super well known and I’ve never done it, so I was really excited.” Liam explains. For a 1954 musical film, not many students at Davis have heard of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, other then the musical theater, a little older adults or the students that are playing in the musical.

Musical theatre is a form of theatre performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical. “It’s a lot harder than people think. I think putting yourself into different mindset and doing right can be exhausting.”

How a person can act in a play or a movie is very remarkable. Some people think it can be really easy but it looks harder then you think. Acting takes time and a lot of skills, just like any sport people play. They work they’re hardest so they can be perfect.

“With the group we have, we get a lot done in a short period of time. Of course, there’s conflict sometimes but it’s a good group.” Liam said. As for many students and parents, everyone can’t wait to see this play, how it comes together and see how everyone does their part in it.

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Last weekend the Davis High advanced theater dominated their individual performances at region and took first and are now ready to open Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as a team this weekend.

The Seven Brides for Seven brothers cast along with teacher Mr. Wright are confident in their readiness to open Friday night. Maren Williams stated, “We’re really prepared, and everything is coming together perfectly, I think we’re going to do great!”

Davis High School has a well-known theater program. Mr. Wright the director is loved by all the students and works incredibly hard to put together amazing shows each year. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers however was student-directed and produced, “It really is like being a proud parent seeing them grow,” Mr. Wright said.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers opens March 25th and runs through April 1st. Darcy Pace who is playing Sarah, one of the brides, stated, “I’m feeling great about opening. The whole cast feels ready for an audience.”

Many of the advanced theater kids’ favorite show they have performed in was Bright Star. “We performed in November, and it was the best experience of my life,” Darcy explained. She continued to state, “my all-time favorite part of theater is performing for a live audience, it is the best feeling in the world.”

Preston Swenson who is playing the preacher in the play said, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is probably the most fun thing we’ve done all year, each of us put a lot of work into it and to be completely honest it’s actually pretty great!”

Maren said, “it’s one of those shows that really is perfect for every audience and is fun to watch for everyone.” Get tickets at davisdarts.org to support the hard work the Davis High advanced theater program has put into the show.”


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As the end of the school year approaches senior committee is planning a memorable conclusion to the senior’s high school experience.

Senior committee, not being very well known, helps plan many activities throughout the year. They helped plan homecoming week and are starting to plan senior week. They meet during homeroom and brainstorm ideas of activities the senior class would enjoy and participate in.

Mia Simmons has been on committee all three years of high school. “I joined to be able to plan things for the school and it’s a good leadership opportunity,” Simmons explained. She noted how fun she has had throughout high school because of committee.

Sam Hirschi agreed with Simmons about how fun committee is. “It is a great opportunity to meet people and I have made new friends because of it” Hirschi stated about why she joined. She has loved hanging out with the other members of the committee during homeroom every week.

Senior committee is a great opportunity to gain leadership skills and meet people outside of your friend group. It allows you to have a say in your high school experience by planning after school activities.

Being on senior committee helps you stay involved. Davis is such a big school you can easily get lost in the crowd, by participating in committee you have a group and you are encouraged to participate in all of the school activities.

With elections for student government coming up that also means committee applications are coming too. Both girls strongly advocated joining to others. “It gets you out of your comfort zone and it allows you to have a fuller high school experience,” Mia stated.

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SBOs, the glue of Davis High

The Student Body Officers are so under appreciated it’s crazy. They are the reason we have so many good dances, activities and more. Planning and executing is not as easy as they make it look. But through all the hardships they say its their favorite thing to do.

“Planning dances is always so satisfying at the end when all your work has paid off.” Carlie Lambert, SCO President exclaimed

Some of the things SBOS do, is dances, they plan every dance. The dances are some of the biggest events in high school, so they have to be fun and exciting and a great way to end the night. It is all possible by this great group of people. Not only do they have to plan the dance, but they also have to plan activities through the week to get people pumped for the dance. Whether it be games during lunch, or an assembly, they have a lot of work to do during that week.

“We attend all the games and activities and its been a super great way to make friends and stay active.” Laney Hart, SBO Vice President said.

They also go to every school sport. They love to go and support the team. You will also find that all the SBOS are fun to be around and have great personalities. Another reason SBO is so good for them is because it does look good on college apps, so if you are looking to do SBO in the future, that is something you might want to look into.

“I realize that SBO isn’t just for me, I do it for the school and to make Davis High a better place, Even thought I have made a lot of new friends and make fun memories at the end of the day this is for Davis.” Noah Coombs ,Senior SBO.

We need to take into consideration all the things our SBOs do for us. They are truly a force we need to keep pushing.

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Davis High bell choir; a choir staple

For almost forty years, the Bell Choir has been an integral part of the Choir Department at Davis High School. Despite what it sounds like, Bell Choir is more than ringing a bell and silencing it. There’s music and techniques.

The most basic techniques are ring, notated by an R, and damps, which naturally occur after a given note value. From there, Let Vibrate is next, or LV. When you see it, you don’t damp the bell until another LV.

From there there’s also Thumb Damp, where you grip the metal casting of the bell with your thumb facing you, and you ring it like that to create a short-sounded, staccato note. Its musical notation is best recognized as TD.

There’s the Martellato, where you bang the bell on the table. You hit it soft enough that it doesn’t crack, but hard enough to silence the sound it creates. There’s also a Martellato Lift, where after banging, you lift it.

Both of the above are recognized with a triangle for regular marts, and a triangle with an arrow for a lift. Next, is the echo, where you ring and then lightly tap the rim of the bell to the table.

The echo is notated with a U-shaped arrow. Then there’s the mallet and the mallet lift. The mallet is when you tap the metal rim of the bell with a mallet. Its purpose is to create a fast staccato note.

Mallets are typically used for staccato notes moving at a quicker tempo. The Mallet lift, on the other hand, is where you lift the bell and tap the metal casting with a mallet. Both mallet techniques have similar notation markings.

Both mallet techniques have a t-shape with dot above or below it. Lifts have arrows for their marking, to make it clear that you’re supposed to lift and mallet. There are also gyros, which are typically director’s choice in performance.

The gyros are where one rings and then flicks their wrist, making the sound carry with the motion. There’s also a singing bell, where you apply pressure to and move along the rim of the bell with a duct-taped stick.

According to Ms. May, who has been directing the Bell Choir for over ten years, the Singing Bell is notated by, “SB or director’s choice.” The SB’s purpose is to help a bell hold a note value it wouldn’t otherwise.

There are, of course, other techniques, but the last to be mentioned, but not least, is the Pluck. It’s where you pull the yoke in the middle of the bell upward, and then throw it gently downward. Seen as PL.

The choreography the techniques bring, as well as the sound produced by the techniques is what makes it fun to see the Bell Choir perform. May explains, “[What makes Bell Choir] interesting is the [different techniques] that produce different sounds.”

There are times when the ringers of the Bell Choir are overwhelmed, or do play much, depending upon the piece of music being played. According to May, the best thing to do when overwhelmed is, “Simplify, or get more ringers.”

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Davis marching band, an enduring favorite

The Davis High school marching band has been incredible for many years. Even with the fairly new director Michael Crookston, they have a lot of potential. Marching band is something that is overlooked by everyone. 3 Davis high seniors who have been apart of marching band for 3-4 years were asked some questions. “Being a senior at Davis high school, what has been your favorite memory of marching band? Most people don’t know the work that is put into marching band, most people think you just walk around the field. What actually goes into doing marching band? For incoming sophomores that want to join marching band, what do you have to say to them?

Hannah Davis answers the questions. “Oh my goodness there’s so many awesome memories of marching band. I think my favorite one is just when everyone just comes together and we all make music together and make something bigger than ourselves. Hannah had a lot to say about what work goes into marching band. “There’s so much that go into marching and marching band. Not only do you have to keep time, you have to make sure you’re on time with your music and your playing and your breathing is good. Then making sure that your feet are in time, and that you’re in the right spot on the field. You have to deal with outdoor weather and instruments that are sensitive to heat or cold, it’s just a lot.”  Her advice to the sophomores is, ” I’d say join. It’s such a fun place where you can find so many people, you can find good friends. It’s a good environment, so many people are so inclusive and it’s great for high school.”

Josh Cottle answers these questions short but meaningful. “Band camp senior year, it was a baller time.” His response to what marchers have to do is interesting he says, “We practice multiple hours every single day after school. Like 3 hours just sitting in the baking sun. He leaves with the advice to sophomores. He says, “Do it. It’s the best time of  your life. You will meet so many new friends and they’ll be people you spend the rest of your high school experience with.”

Last Melia Morrison. She has been the Flute/ Piccolo section leader 2 years in a row. She’s passionate about her music and has a lot to say about marching band. “I really like being the section leader for the flute and piccolo section.” She has a lot to say about the work that is put into marching band. “No, I disagree. It’s a sport for sure. If golf is a sport, marching band is a sport. I don’t know how golf is a sport? Her main thing that she recommends for sophomores is probably one of the key elements to being good at marching band. Not only are you marching you have to memorize 8- 10 minutes of show music. While learning/ memorizing visuals, memorizing dots on the field. (Placements on the field) It’s intense. She says, “Actually practice your music, it will help you.”

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What is underneath Davis High School?

Davis High School is a very old school building, built back in 1914 in Kaysville, UT. Davis High is exactly 220 yards away from the very center of the county. Because the school is so old, it was built in war times, many other schools in Utah the same age of DHS have integrated fallout/bomb shelters.


The bomb shelters in other schools are made for obvious safety reasons in case something nuclear were to happen in the 1940s. Everyone in Davis High School knows that the school does have a basement, but that is all the staff classifies it as.

Many have theorized that the first underground floor is an actual staff only basement, but there are more floors, leading deeper underground with large tunnels and stairways. This may have been built for war reasons to protect students and staff.

We know of a secret swimming pool that resides underneath Davis High School but that’s it.”   –Carrie Scott

There has to be something down there that they are hiding from us, it isn’t empty.”                     –Brandon Garrido

Very few of the staff have access to the basement but I do not yet, I have asked before and all they say is that it’s a single floor basement for the heaters, emergency generators, and other uninteresting equipment.” –Alicia Garrido

The school today is not the same as it was before when built in 1914, it was rebuilt in 2003-2004 to what we know it as today.

Nobody really knows what is down there, the staff keeps it a secret and says it is just a basement. But how else can people find out what is truly underneath Davis High School? Could it be a secret government weapon storage? Or maybe a secret bar and dance club? Or even dinosaurs.

Personally, I don’t think we’re really ever going to know until the school staff tells us exactly what is down there, but it is NOT just a basement.

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A look at the leadership of Davis High’s CTE clubs: Part 1 FFA


Davis High’s FFA chapter is past its heyday but is making an impressive recovery after suffering from the ordeals of yester-years. Membership is already up 10% from 2020 with a steadily growing base of membership.

The National FFA Organization (formerly the Future Farmers of America) is a youth led organization centered around agriculture and the principles of preserving real-world skills. The FFA is both inter and extracurricular, requiring enrollment in one of the many agricultural (ag) classes offered here at Davis High.

Such classes, including Greenhouse Management and Animal Science to name a few, are under the instruction of Mr. Spaulding in room 1416. Mr. Spaulding is very passionate about the FFA and fulfils the role of advisor within the chapter. “The FFA provides many opportunities for personal growth” Mr. Spaulding says. “Agriculture is for everyone, and so is the FFA.”

The youth club offers many positive influences in the lives of students and offers numerous opportunities for both finding a career or advancing your education after high school, offering up over 2.5 million dollars for scholarships annually. Speaking from personal experience, many of the good friends I’ve made were through the chapter, and I only have positive things to say about my time spent with the chapter.

Cole Walker, Chapter Treasurer and up-and-coming Chapter President, says “(FFA is) not only a club I can be included in but it also means lots of leadership and learning opportunities” Cole specializes in horse and livestock judging, and will be competing in such events in the upcoming state competitions.

The FFA has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in raising livestock, arranging flowers, racing horses, or agricultural mechanics, you’re welcome to come and check out the Davis High FFA.

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Davis high’s robotics team; A hidden gem

Davis High has a prized tradition of excellence, and one club takes that tradition makes it their own- Robotics.

Davis High’s Robotics club has an impressive track record- 9 time state champions, 2 time world champions and have been among the top 5 teams in the world for the past 10 years.

The competitions that have brought them this prestige are, according to 11 year robotics teacher Mr. Leifson, “…very similar to what I would compare to a regular season for a basketball team. We will have somewhere between 6 to 8 matches, per team, and this year we have 7 teams.”

In an average day in the club, students spend their time making robots as well as “…spend[ing] the day programming and learning how to program and learning how to control the robots. So everything we do in class is focused on automation and control,” says Liefson.

“A normal day is building robots and tuning whatever we have, and programming and doing autons… and scrimmaging,” adds club president Brittany Evans.

The robotics club is programming completely automatic robots, and some have pretty unique skills.

“I made a rubber-band shooting robot,” says Liefson, “I drove it into the main office and started attacking the office staff.”

On top of just having some fun, the robotics team is winning consistently with impressive gender diversity.

“We have a lot of female participation, and I think that sets us up for a massive amount of success because women are such a powerful force and other people aren’t tapping into it the way we have been able to figure out to,” states Liefson.

Student flock to football games, but very few within the student body are aware of the amazing successes of the robotics club.

“I don’t know why people don’t know who we are, or that we exist,” Liefson says, “We have one of the top robotics clubs and one of the top engineering programs in the state of Utah and somehow kids don’t know about it.”

“It might be because we’re a club and it’s after school and it’s not with sports,” suggests Evans.

Liefson sums up the clubs’ legacy best- “We definitely hold up a lot of the tradition that Davis has of achieving excellence. We win, and we win a lot.”

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Davis high’s robotics team; A hidden gem

Davis High has a prized tradition of excellence, and one club takes that tradition makes it their own- Robotics.

Davis High’s Robotics club has an impressive track record- 9 time state champions, 2 time world champions and have been among the top 5 teams in the world for the past 10 years.

The competitions that have brought them this prestige are, according to 11 year robotics teacher Mr. Leifson, “…very similar to what I would compare to a regular season for a basketball team. We will have somewhere between 6 to 8 matches, per team, and this year we have 7 teams.”

In an average day in the club, students spend their time making robots as well as “…spend[ing] the day programming and learning how to program and learning how to control the robots. So everything we do in class is focused on automation and control,” says Liefson.

“A normal day is building robots and tuning whatever we have, and programming and doing autons… and scrimmaging,” adds club president Brittany Evans.

The robotics club is programming completely automatic robots, and some have pretty unique skills.

“I made a rubber-band shooting robot,” says Liefson, “I drove it into the main office and started attacking the office staff.”

On top of just having some fun, the robotics team is winning consistently with impressive gender diversity.

“We have a lot of female participation, and I think that sets us up for a massive amount of success because women are such a powerful force and other people aren’t tapping into it the way we have been able to figure out to,” states Liefson.

Student flock to football games, but very few within the student body are aware of the amazing successes of the robotics club.

“I don’t know why people don’t know who we are, or that we exist,” Liefson says, “We have one of the top robotics clubs and one of the top engineering programs in the state of Utah and somehow kids don’t know about it.”

“It might be because we’re a club and it’s after school and it’s not with sports,” suggests Evans.

Liefson sums up the clubs’ legacy best- “We definitely hold up a lot of the tradition that Davis has of achieving excellence. We win, and we win a lot.”

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Missing girl who used to attend Davis high

Late on Monday the 13th of December Madelyn Allen went missing. Madelyn attended Davis high school in 2020 as a senior and is now attending snow college. She was reported missing by Madelyn’s roommate who hadn’t seen her since the night before.

“I can’t imagine how afraid their family is right now and I hope that they can feel support through us and the community.” Said Hailey Sillito, a senior at Davis.

Madelyn’s younger sister Allie Allen is currently attending Davis high and is a sophomore. Allie is on the swim and was very upset to hear this news. The Davis high swim team wore pink the day of their swim meet to represent Madelyn and help Allie find some comfort by wearing Madelyn’s favorite color.

“I hope that allies family feels supported at this time, and I hope they know that they know that we are all praying for them, and that the community has their back. We hope they find her soon.” Said Olivia Carlson, a Senior at Davis who is on the swim team.

The swim team also created a poster for Allie. They hope that through their support they can show her how much they care. They all are very distraught for Allie and her family and hope that she will find their support helpful.

“It lets her know that we care.” Said Samantha Van Drunen, a junior on the Davis swim team.

The police say they are doing all they can and have included the FBI on the search for Madelyn. Many Instagram posts have been up since her disappearance in hopes that someone will find her. The community is doing all they can to find her, and many are keeping the family in their thoughts and prayers.

you can contact the Sanpete County dispatch by calling 435-835-3345 with any information regarding Madelyn’s case.

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Latinos In Action

Davis High is home to many clubs and organizations.

One of those clubs is Latinos in Action (advised by English teacher Ms. Turner), described by member of 3 years, senior Eileen Magana as “…an extracurricular club in which we minority students join to do service and overall kind of feel part of a group.”

One of the focuses of LIA is service. When asked about the kind of service projects the club participates in, senior and member of 5 years Angel Gallegos mentions tutoring and helping with festivals and fundraisers at elementary schools.

”The one I remember most was at Creekside elementary, and there was this festival they did and it was very fun to interact with the little kids,” says Gallegos, recalling his favorite service project.

“I think my favorite project is tutoring, I just love being able to go to the elementary school to tutor kids, just because you do get to build relationships and connections with those kids,” says Magana.

Members of the club value what they learn from the organization.

“It’s important to me because I get to learn from different perspectives from different people and different cultures,” says Gallegos when questioned why LIA is important to him.

In response to the same inquiry, Magana states, “It’s important to me because it forces us to branch out into things we’re not really used to whether that is group presenting or being a part of a bigger group and that leadership aspect to it as well to be able to lead in your own committee.”

With such important experiences for members, it’s no wonder that Magana speaks highly of LIA at Davis, when asked if she thinks it’s impact is positive.

“I do because we’re all forced to be part of an extracurricular outside of (LIA) so personally I do debate and I do mock trial as well, and so I’m able to branch out into things that I probably wouldn’t branch out to if that wasn’t the requirement.”

Latinos in Action brings participation to other curriculars at Davis, leading to more student involvement overall.

Overall, Magana’s final quote sums it all up perfectly:

“Please join. I think that the program is kind of not as sponsored as it should and it’s not just minority students, we have other students that don’t speak Spanish or just want to be a part of it and I think the overall experience is just really nice.”

In order to join, take a look at next year’s schedule- this organization is a class to be enrolled in.

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Skyrocketing gas prices concern Davis students

The average gas price in Utah lies at $3.77/gallon. Since last year gas prices have risen by an average of $1.02/gallon. Utah’s prices are also above the national average of $3.15/gallon. These steep prices have had many negative consequences for Davis High students.

“My friend’s car broke down from lack of gas on the way to the bank to deposit money.” explains high schooler Genevieve Nolan.

Students are getting desperate in order to maintain their modes of transportation. Some resort to depositing spare change or tips and argue that they can’t pay for gas without the gas to get to work. This creates a never-ending cycle of the blame game.

“With minimum wage at $7.25 there isn’t enough money to go around for gas. Especially with not being able to work a lot of hours due to school and homework.” says Brooke Higley Davis High senior.

Students are expected to manage a full plate as well as pay skyrocketing gas prices. Many students are resorting to walking more, or even driving their parents’ car to combat with needing gas.

“I can’t save for college and pay for gas.” argues student Maddie Morris.

Seniors especially are starting to stress the impending doom of paying for college, inclining gas prices are not helping.

Gas prices are speculated to be high due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Since people were locked up all day, they had no reason to drive their cars causing oil/gas companies to suffer. When lockdowns lifted, people were eager to use their cars and begin commuting to work again. This caused the steady incline of gas prices as demand grew.

Although gas prices are still high, they have dropped since this summer much to the relief of high schoolers. Students are still hopeful that gas prices will drop further.

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Davis D’ettes competition ready

The Davis High D’ettes work extremely hard every season to dominate in competition come December. The drill team is exceptional! Their work ethic is amazing, and each dancer has great self-discipline. Each team member is incredibly talented to help with their competition season coming up!

Currently, the D’ettes practice 6 days a week and are working on their competition routines. Each practice starts with a drill down and then the seniors warm up the rest of the team. Their tricks and skills are then worked on for the rest of the warmup. They then begin cleaning or learning choreography to their routines.

Right now, the team is learning and cleaning their routines including show routine, hip hop, dance routine, and military. Many team members are used to the competitive spirit leading up to the competition, but for the newbies it’s a new air space.

Although most of the girls on the team are returners, the new girls have been able to catch on and continue to work as hard as those who already know the rundown.

“The new girls are doing very well and catching on!” says Head Captain, Ella Gatherum.

All the captains as well as the coaches are impressed with the team’s work ethic this year.

“They are all really hard working, especially with the dance routine that is super exhausting; all the girls push through to the end!” Coach Kiera Mortenson says of the girls during practices.

All the girls love their coaches! They speak highly of the people they work so hard for.

“I’m so grateful for my coaches! I couldn’t have asked for better!” Ella exclaims.

The coaches help the team dynamic, and it seems to be amazing as well. It’s a fun and safe environment to learn and make mistakes. Everyone has a kind spirit, and the team feels like a sisterhood and a family! Being on such a team, it doesn’t surprise me that each dancer has tons of Davis Pride! They love cheering at the games and performing at halftime. Their football routines were so much fun to watch!

The D’ettes competition season starts in December, and as they begin to intensify their practices and become more competitive, their season is going to end up being exhilarating! The team is ready and prepared to work harder and harder to get to the top!

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Photo clubs starts for Davis high students

Photo club starts at Davis high for all students, full of fun ideas and new things to learn, every single club meeting.

Photo club is just a simple club for aspiring photographers to learn new things that they would not learn in either of the two photo classes, and polish things that have been learned in the past. Photo club is great for any level of photographer, from just barely knowing how to work a camera to already making money off photos.

Photo club started last Thursday (the 16 of September), and is meeting every single Thursday for the rest of the year. Mr. Miller (Club Advisor) when asked how he feels about the club said, “It’s a good opportunity for students to learn and have fun about photography”.

When asked how he feels about the club Ian Jenson answered, “I feel the photo club is one of the cooler clubs that we have because we’re able to explore different opportunities in photography”

When asked what he was most excited about Ian said “I’m pretty excited to use medium format film, I’ve been wanting to use that for a while, but the cameras are very expensive, so I get to use the schools”

When asked if there was going to be anything new, like new techniques or equipment, Mr. Miller commented, “we’ll use the studio in untraditional ways since when we’re in class, we only use traditional techniques”.

After talking to both Mr. Miller and Ian Jensen, I asked them how they think we are going to get more people into photo club Ian said, “I feel soon as its all set and we start having more fun things then we’ll hopefully get more people”, Then Mr. Miller said “Do we want more people in Photo club?… I feel soon as people start figuring out what’s happening in photo club then more people will hopefully join”.

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FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is an organization that helps high school students prepare to be future business leaders. It is a CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) also known as, a national student leadership/service organization.

As a member of Future Business Leaders of America you have a lot of options for participation from chapter meetings and socials at lunch to service projects.

“Competitions are one of our biggest opportunities; it is optional but encouraged”, says Mrs. Ward the advisor of the club.

Members have the option to attend whatever activities/socials they want to. Attending the activities can help you meet new friends and gain leadership skills. Another opportunity is attending professional conferences lets you use business skills to compete doing service.

Leaders of Future Business Leaders of America are selected in the spring at the end of the school year for the upcoming school year. It is done through an application and interview process.

Coming up the Future Business Leaders of America club have the Utah Fall leadership Conference at the Utah Valley Convention center in Orem on October 6th.

“Students will be able to attend workshops focused on leadership training.”, commented Mrs. Ward, the clubs advisor.

“As the adviser, my favorite part is having the opportunity to interact with some amazing students who are excited about their future and who want to improve themselves; Future Business Leaders of America is for everyone because we are all future business leaders.”, says Mrs. Ward.

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New voices enter the Davis High School choirs.

Davis High School choirs have a new wave of voices entering the ensemble this new school year. 

As the new school year begins, new students begin to come from junior highs. Everything becomes new to them, including a new choir. For twenty-two years Davis High choir teacher Ms. May has watched hundreds of students enter.

When students enter Ms. May’s classroom, they learn that her style of teaching is much different from any other teacher they have had in the past. She knows unique styles and warmups to match up different students with their talents.

“I always love to have new students as they come. I hope they would see the value in learning from a different teacher knowing that I do different exercises and techniques than their teachers before me.” Ms. May said gratefully.

“I think Choir is a fun class and singing is my passion coming into a choir I can find new voices that I have never heard before and I’m really curious,” said Ashley Harris a new choir student.

New students are learning what it is like to be in a more advanced class and as they learn they can grow into even better choirs. This can give them a good sense of success over time. They also begin to learn new concepts, one specifically known as music theory.

“I would like to learn more about music theory and how to sight read so I can understand the music.” Ashley Harris added.

Many students enjoy singing and when they discover music it makes the subject more interesting. Over time, students begin to love class and want to come. Even though new students struggle at the beginning they soon learn how to follow the flow of music.

Because of Covid, last year things changed, and new hopes have come for this year. Students who entered this year will only know some of the struggles from last year. They won’t understand many of the restrictions of singing during a huge pandemic.

“With covid it was definitely different and I’m hoping now students recognize how important it is understanding that practice we can enjoy and that we now have an audience,” said Ms. May. She also stated she was happy last year is over.

New students that enter the choir wonder what’s going to happen with the new year. They wonder what experiences they will have and what new knowledge they will gain. Questions will flood their head, questions that will be answered over time.

The hope that this year will be much better than last is enormous and gives teachers a little bit more of a push this year. Ms. May is especially excited about this year. She has many hopeful ideas that yearly scheduled performances won’t be delayed.

“I hope to be able to finish this year doing all our performances, creating relationships, and learning new talents,” said Ms. May in hopes for this new year.


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IFSO- Intersectional Feminist Service Outreach

Get ready Davis High, IFSO (Intersectional Feminist Service Outreach) is coming to Davis this October. The new club will be advised by Mr. Hatch, who teaches American Civilization. Mr. Hatch says he accepted the role of advisor to offer “a space” for students interested in participating. IFSO aims to educate and empower students through mini-lessons, workshops, and service projects every term. While a feminist club will generally focus on women’s issues, the class is open to students of all genders.
Intersectionality is the interconnected nature of certain groups, examining the crossover of race, gender, and class in said group. The club purposely puts intersectionality at its center, with the hope to bring light to issues for all women, all over the world. Hatch says that intersectionality helps people to understand complexity and how different social issues are connected.
Many prospective club members look forward to the comradery of like-minded people. In fact, community is meant to be one of the main benefits. Future member Allie Erickson looks forward to “bringing a sense of community between all people because [the club] is inclusive”.
“I’m looking forward to making new friends who I get along with that I can talk about more sensitive subjects with,” says prospective member Kate Hessenthaler.
With so many misconceptions about what feminism is, and why it’s still necessary, some may ask; what is the point of feminism?
“I honestly feel like there are inequities within our society that need to be addressed,” says Hatch.
Through service projects and education, IFSO will do its part in addressing said inequities.
“Fair wages, equal opportunities and health rights.” Explains Erickson, when asked what she feels feminism fights for.
“Something that’s needed for the growth of everyone,” Says Hessenthaler, when explaining what feminism is.
Overall, IFSO aims to empower Davis High students and the community around them. Hopefully, the club will add more social consciousness to the Davis High student body and understanding between students of different backgrounds and opinions.

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IFSO- Intersectional Feminist Service Outreach

Get ready Davis High, IFSO (Intersectional Feminist Service Outreach) is coming to Davis this October. The new club will be advised by Mr. Hatch, who teaches American Civilization.
Mr. Hatch says he accepted the role of advisor to offer “a space” for students interested in participating. IFSO aims to educate and empower students through mini-lessons, workshops, and service projects every term. While a feminist club will generally focus on women’s issues, the class is open to students of all genders.
Intersectionality is the interconnected nature of certain groups, examining the crossover of race, gender, and class in said group. The club purposely puts intersectionality at its center, with the hope to bring light to issues for all women, all over the world. Hatch says that intersectionality helps people to understand complexity and how different social issues are connected.
Many prospective club members look forward to the comradery of like-minded people. In fact, community is meant to be one of the main benefits. Future member Allie Erickson looks forward to “bringing a sense of community between all people because [the club] is inclusive”.
“I’m looking forward to making new friends who I get along with that I can talk about more sensitive subjects with,” says prospective member Kate Hessenthaler.
With so many misconceptions about what feminism is, and why it’s still necessary, some may ask; what is the point of feminism?
“I honestly feel like there are inequities within our society that need to be addressed,” says Hatch.
Through service projects and education, IFSO will do its part in addressing said inequities.
“Fair wages, equal opportunities and health rights.” Explains Erickson, when asked what she feels feminism fights for.
“Something that’s needed for the growth of everyone,” Says Hessenthaler, when explaining what feminism is.
Overall, IFSO aims to empower Davis High students and the community around them. Hopefully, the club will add more social consciousness to the Davis High student body and understanding between students of different backgrounds and opinions.

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Chem Club

The Chem Club is a club based around chemistry here at Davis High School run by chemistry teacher Mrs. Laub. The Chem Club was formed to give members more experience in chemistry.

Members of Chem Club learn chemistry and tutoring skills from Mrs. Laub so they can tutor other chemistry students. “Chem Club members can tutor CE, honors or general chemistry students.” Said Mrs. Laub when asked what people in Chem Club do.

Students who should join Chem Club are “students who going to take AP chemistry or have taken AP chemistry to come be tutors.” Said Mrs. Laub.

When asked about what Chem club tutors do, Mrs. Laub said, “Tutors can help the CE, honors or general chemistry students.”

Tutors help other students understand chemistry concepts, the tutors help Mrs. Laub manage all her students and make sure that they know the materials.

Mrs. Laub said, “It is really gratifying seeing my students sitting with someone else and explaining chemistry to them. It’s kind of an, a-ha moment, because I don’t have to help them at all.”

Chem Club members will learn how to explain difficult concepts that many others may have trouble understanding.

Chem Club is a great opportunity for those who like chemistry or plan to pursue a career in a chemistry related field. “If you have any interest in a STEM field then come be a part of Chem Club,” said Mrs. Laub.

Chem club members do more than just learn chemistry though, when I asked Mrs. Laub what some of the fun things the chem club does Mrs. Laub said “In years past our favorite thing was doing a sub for Santa. We would go and buy 100 dollars’ worth of Christmas for five to seven kids in need.” The chem club also has fun activities such as sidewalk panting.

The Chem Club is looking for members to join it for the 2021-2022 school year. Go join Chem Club if you love chemistry and want to learn from Mrs. Laub who is one of the best teachers on the planet.

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Davis High has a Chess Club?!

Although it may be associated with unpopular and nerdy stereotypes, chess has seen astronomical growth within the past 9-10 months. The most popular online chess websites like lichess.org and chess.com have reported a huge amount of new users starting near the beginning of the pandemic.

During the pandemic, the desire to try new hobbies, the growth of the streaming platform Twitch, and the release of the popular Netflix show ‘The Queens Gambit’ have all contributed to the resurgence chess has seen recently.

Emerging out of the fire the game’s recent popularity has started, a chess club has been born. The club meets biweekly, on Mondays and Thursdays after school in room 1513.

“I didn’t intend to start one. Just to join one,” remarks James Swindler, president, and founder of the chess club.

“When summer came around and I was preparing to go to high school, I got one of those back-to-school papers with all the electives and clubs and stuff. I flew through the thing, searching for a chess club, and I found it!”

The only problem, however, was that after the 2019-20 school year, there would be no one to continue the chess club.

“I realized that the former president had decided to leave because no one had joined the previous year. So I did a few things, changed some stuff, and by my almost singlehanded efforts grew the club to about ten people in a single year,” explains Swindler.

The club is can be an environment for serious chess, casual chess, and a place for people to hang out in general. The members often host tournaments and competitive games, but they are always happy to teach someone new to the game how to play.

“If people want to join, they can really just walk into Ray’s [room] whenever they feel like it. They don’t even have to play chess. They can just chat, do homework, I don’t care. It’s only a chess club for the people who want to play chess. For everyone else, I just want it to be a fun place where people can enjoy themselves,” explains Swindler.

So whether you have an interest in board games, or in finding cool new people to hang out with, the chess club is always open to new members!

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Out-of-School Activities

Most kids at Davis High School go to school four days of the week, but what do they do outside of school? I interviewed several students to see what they like to do when they aren’t in school. A majority of the kids said that they like to be in the outdoors. “I like to take my dog on trail walks,” said student Avery Major.

The Wasatch Mountain Range has lots of different trails to choose from, and it is only a five to ten minute drive from Davis High. Some of the best trails are at the East Mountain Wilderness Park.

When student Taig Olsen isn’t at school he likes to ski. “I hit the slopes as much as I can during the season because I love it.” Says Taig.

Skiing is a great way to get outside and be active for kids living in Utah. There are many different ski resorts that are nearby and have reasonable prices. “In my free time when I am not at school I like to develop film and play guitar,” says student Luke Weston.

Developing unique talents is a great way to spend your time outside of school. When student Spencer Swain isn’t at school, he likes to go Mountain biking. “There are lots of cool trails around my house that I like to go ride at. One of my favorites is the Farm.”

Mountain biking is another great outside of school activity. You can choose what level you want to ride at and it is a good way to stay active and in shape at the same time. And, if you want to take your mountain biking to the next level you can join the Davis High School mountain biking team. It is a good way to get out and be active and meet new people.

Davis High students have many unique hobbies and activities they like to participate in outside of school. From developing film to skiing, students at Davis do it all.

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Joe Biden has the support of Davis High students

Davis High students are taking a demanding stand this week by backing and supporting President Joe Biden. Many students are backing Biden because of his COVID relief bills, infrastructure proposal, and his demeanor. This is surprising considering that most students grew up in conservative homes. 

Poll findings released on Monday found that an astounding 56% of Davis High respondents approved of Joe Biden’s job in office so far. 44% disapproved of President Biden’s performance up to this point. 

Many students are proud to back Joe Biden on his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. They believe that the President’s plan will boost the post-COVID economy and shed some light on a problem in America. Infrastructure in Biden’s terms means not only railroads and buildings, but things such as computer chips and all sorts of technology. Davis High students also believed the proposal was brilliant because of the many jobs it will create. 

“When you take a look at Biden’s infrastructure plan it just makes sense to back it.”

Stated an anonymous student at Davis High.

“His (Biden’s) ultimate goal is to revitalize manufacturing, transportation, and most importantly our water systems”. 

The Biden-Harris administration has really focused on swaying young individuals to their campaign because they believe they are building for the future. Biden is not only building for the future of America, but his political party as well. The Biden-Harris administration’s biggest support comes from the age 18-34 demographic. If you ask Bill Maher, it is because “they are the most gullible generation”. The Democratic Party is mostly made up of 18–34-year-olds and Joe Biden is helping to facilitate that. 

“Biden has fulfilled his promises, but he has not responded to certain crises which hurts my views on him. I hope that he can come through on all these other promises.”

Stated another anonymous Dart. 

President Joe Biden has managed to attain the support of Davis High School, but that support could be in jeopardy soon. Students are demanding he hold true to his promises, but at the same time love what he has been able to do so far. 

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Farmers decline while bureaucrats grow, FFA responds.

Farming jobs have been declining since the advent of manufacturing, while bureaucratic jobs in agriculture, such as USDA agent jobs, have continued to grow. The FFA across the world and at Davis High responds to these trends.

The FFA(or Future Farmers of America) is a club at Davis High school and many other schools, which prepares students for a future career in agriculture.

“It’s an agricultural leadership group, that is student-run,” explains the advisor of the FFA.

Students in the FFA learn a multitude of skills that will help them in a future agriculture career.

“Students learn to grade animals and plants,” they further explain.

The careers that these FFA club members go into however may not be what you think. You would think that the FFA would be all about creating future farmers, but unknown to others is the various careers in agriculture besides farming.

“It’s more than just farming, students go onto careers in agricultural science, the USDA, veterinarians, and others. Agricultural jobs will continue to increase for this reason even though farmers will decrease,” remarks the advisor to the FFA when asked about future careers for students in the FFA and whether agricultural jobs will increase.

Farming has been a decreasing job market ever since large industrial farms were created, with more efficient farming than the need for small farmers has decreased exponentially.

This trend has led to the number of farmers in the population decreasing from 50% in 1870 to less than 2% in 2008 and into today.

While farmers have decreased bureaucratic jobs in the farming industry have increased such as in the USDA, which is why the number of agricultural workers in the U.S. is 10.9% of the population.

This number has alarmed some who are not big fans of big industry(Monsanto) and big government(USDA).

Either way, the FFA will continue to train students for agricultural jobs within many industries and will continue to grow.

“we’ve grown from one member when I first got here, to 25 members”

Said the advisor of the FFA when asked about his club’s growth

Bureaucratic agricultural jobs will continue to grow for the foreseeable future for better or for worse, you decide after all.





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Moonlight Serenade

Moonlight serenade was hosted last week by the Davis High band. The event happens once a year at Davis and is the primary fundraiser for the band. It consists of dinner and live music with multiple live performances from the dance company, choir, and jazz band.

As guests arrive, they are greeted by servers who are members of the band. They are then seated to enjoy the live music and scenery. As the night continues, they will be dining with a choice of steak or fish with a side of soup or salad. They are also encouraged to dance and watch the performances presented to them. The vision that the participants have is to create a classical restaurant.

This year, tickets sold out faster than usual and it led to a great few nights. Parents and grandparents tend to enjoy it a lot because it can feel like a blast from the past. Unfortunately, it appears that most Davis High students are unaware of Moonlight Serenade. Everyone I asked who wasn’t in attendance or part of the band seemed to not know anything about it.

According to one band member, the event went smoothly this year with no problems. He did mention that more student participation would be fun, but it’s clear that the older crowd tends to enjoy it more. This event only occurs once a year and seems to be growing in popularity, so next time you see it being advertised around the school buy your ticket fast!


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Twitch is the best and most popular gaming streaming platform.

First of all let me tell you all that twitch is probably the best gaming platform for streams mainly because you don’t really need that much or great internet. But it’s pretty dope I get more views on those quicker then you will get them on  YouTube videos or  streams on YouTube anyways. Twitch has definitely changed a lot it’s even more popular then any other streaming platform “gaming platform”. In fact the most popular game to stream is Rust. Rust is a pretty epic game! This game is like this really awesome survival multi-player online. But there’s really cool things in this game you start out well  like a person who has to find everything but it’s very hilarious game though.

I’ve kind of played Rust in away but it’s not really the rust we all know as well  think is probably the best. Mine the one I use is Dust it’s like that except on a different  gaming platform. Now that I think of it Rust looks quite a like to Ark survival as well Raft. There definitely seems some resemblance between the three interesting but quite entertaining seeing people play those games. There’s this game called Stranded Deep it’s definitely a game you may like if you want to test your skills and ingenuity you have to survive on the island you are there with nothing. there so many great and wonderful things to also you will be able to get payed once you gain 50 followers on twitch.

You know how easy it is to gain more money on twitch then it is to earn money on YouTube!?  The other nice things about twitch is you are able to place those streams onto your channel as well which is so sick it’s able to transport to your YouTube. Twitch has also all types of dedicated types of streams for what people want to watch and enjoy. Twitch gives you multiple things you might be interested in. Which was really great for them just so many awesome and great possibilities of optimistic in the choices you do on stream. There’s so many great awesome things that you have the resources to do.

A lot of video gamers use Twitch to weigh their options before they want to make a purchase. Twitch can also help you save your money on a type of game you might want to actually play which could help your audience not waste something they really don’t want to  play but, that’s mainly very popular games.  A person I know he’s doing very well as a streamer he’s great it’s got about 20 followers if I remember correctly but streaming. being on twitch can really be fun with you just pretty much doing what you want to do or how you want to do it haha.

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Lacrosse team going for the state

The girls lacrosse is working hard to be able to make state and win it.

So far, there has been three games for the lacrosse team. Each game resulted in victory for the Davis High girl’s lacrosse team.

“Our biggest goal this season is to make state” says Samantha Oswald, a player on the lacrosse team.

If the season continues on the way that it has so far, then there will be no problem for the team to accomplish this goal.

“There are a lot of unexperienced people on the team, and that can be an obstacle at times” says Samantha on the obstacles in their path to state.

This is a big challenge that the lacrosse team will have to face, but luckily, the team has a good plan for teaching.

“We overcome that obstacle by learning from those who are more experienced and by practicing” says Samantha on the way that they will push through and reach their goal.

Working with inexperienced people can be frustrating at times, but the lacrosse team handles it well with a friendly and fun atmosphere.

“I chose to do lacrosse because it is a great opportunity to try something new and be involved” says Samantha on why she joined the lacrosse team.

Lacrosse is a fun environment for anyone who wants to get involved in a sport. It is very welcoming and rewarding.

“The most exciting thing about the lacrosse season has been getting to know all the wonderful people on the team!” says Samantha.

“Lacrosse is so much fun! And worth every bit of time that is put into it” says Samantha.

The Davis High lacrosse team is going to go for the gold and crush this season!

Good luck this season, lacrosse, you have our support. We believe in you and know that you can win state!

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COVID-19 vaccine is taking Utah by storm

For over the past year, the Coronavirus has run rampant. It has shut down schools, businesses, travel, states, etc. Life did a complete 180 and we were taught to live in new ways. We had to learn how to adapt to our new surroundings. Recently though, we have found a way to combat the deadly virus in the form of a vaccine. 

Former President Donald J. Trump was focused on getting Americans a COVID-19 vaccine before he left office. To achieve his goal, he launched Operation Warp Speed to get Americans a vaccine. Operation Warp Speed only lasted 285 days, but it sure made a dent in the state of Utah. 

The Utah Department of Health on April 4 reported that about 565,000 Utahns have been fully vaccinated. Recently, Utah also reported that on the day they reached 500,000 vaccines that they had administered 46,000 vaccines that day. Also, from March 22 to 28 only 52 people passed away from coronavirus. This is a huge step down from when Utah averaged about 600 deaths a day. 

“It is important for people to receive the vaccine in Utah to help with herd immunity,”

Stated Gabe Stephenson, a student at Davis, when asked why it’s important for Utahns to get vaccinated.

“It will also dramatically help us in getting back to a more normal lifestyle.” 

Vaccinations are being administered at a tremendous rate that Governor Spencer Cox has now deemed no county in Utah high transmission anymore. Most counties within the state are either considered low or moderate transmission counties. This is a positive signal that Utah is headed in the right direction. 

“People want to see their families again. Utah is a large family-orientated state and families are starting to miss each other,”

Exclaimed Corran Cottrell, Davis High student, on why he believes Utahns are getting vaccinated.

“People are taking this great opportunity to receive this vaccine because they yearn to participate in family activities again. It is such a great sign.” 

Utah has now opened the vaccine up to people 16 years and older and many are jumping on the opportunity. Many teenagers want life to return to normal. They want to embrace their grandparents and see cousins from different states. 

“I am choosing to get vaccinated not only for myself, but also for others. I am getting vaccinated for the safety of my grandparents and for the safety of many others,”

Explained Carson Rasmussen, another Davis Dart. 

Utah has made a massive dent in flattening the curve. With over a half-million citizens having been fully vaccinated and now allowing teenagers to receive it, Utah is moving in the correct direction to stop the virus. May we all tip our cap to the Beehive State. 


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The first time going to CALIFORNIA WHOA!

Man having the chance to be able to go to California was pretty epic! I went to so many places we stopped in Saint George that was my first time actually seeing saint George! I love the Palm trees. In fact that’s the first time I’ve ever saw those types of trees before. We went into Arizona that was pretty cool actually! just like the change in weather was so nice! Because I’ve not seen such beautiful sky’s in a while because of the weather in Utah.

But I was able to see Las Vegas my First time as well a lot of cool things especially the rides man! It’s so amazing to see so many things that you’ve never seen anything like. That just so sick that I had that Amazing opportunity to spend 10 nice awesome days in California Oceanside whoop whoop! But then we saw so many sick cars I’ve never seen so many corvettes in Las Vegas wow. After that we were driving into the California and there were so many Beach houses and What I didn’t know is that San Francisco has the highest more shark sightings then in Oceanside. When I first got out of the Car haha that smell was probably the worst…well at first haha.

When we got out Of course we needed to get everything out and into the Condo that we were staying in haha. But as soon as I came in the door I was in Awe. everything was so cool and the funny part was the whole Condo smelled like Chlorine. But the kitchen was awesome it had a big island the fridge was funny looking it didn’t look like a fridge it looked like a shelve. There was a cool front balcony  of the Ocean. If I haven’t explain this Yet, but I love the ocean it’s probably the best place to help me be in peace and calm.

I’ve loved the ocean for as long as I can remember ! just the sound of the water crashing and just seeing how beautiful the sunset shows off of the ocean. but the sunsets there are so Amazing! And at night this was the place  to go and  explore everything is pretty close to do things there’s lots of bars close to each other. The first day we went into the Ocean with wet suits because it’s cold. I walked right into the ocean and my feet were kind of freezing but, then after that my first time was awesome…until I got wiped out haha.

So I really didn’t like the Ocean mainly because first of the smell. Being there for a while you don’t even smell the smell of the ocean anymore it just no scent of the water which was nice. Boogey boarding for the first time was Epic! I in fact really enjoyed this so much mainly because you can wait for some big waves and ride on top and then down it’s  wicked! They also had a skim board, if you don’t know what that is it’s so awesome in away it’s a kind of like surfing except on the smaller waves that when the water comes into the shore. You can do some small and the smaller water that just comes in. After we got out those waves get up Pretty high and around night they sometimes get over the rocks kind of not a lot but some.

So after we did that We went to San Diego To go see the ship Midway the Museum of midway First of all Whoa and Second this ship was MASSIVE ! not kidding just walking into the hanger was Sick so much nicer museum in away. The only thing that was a tiresome was this Museum takes literally 3 hours to finish everything! But were learned some cool things from the retired navy But amazing how they were able to suck in water from the ocean make it into steam and then make it make into water so Awesome!. There was a spot where they dropped things down and 40 feet down just wow! standing above it on the glass kind of frightened me but so awesome though. One time we saw some manikin and I actually really thought that they were real people but not but still pretty awesome.

This Ship uses so much more gas then any Car Just imagine what that payment would be if we used that much of gas for our cars we would need to get payed a lot for sure. They said they would spend  about 1.million for gas for this ship. After that we went to go for food and I got nacho’s right. But there was no salsa with my nachos I had a tater tot nachos with steak and cheese sour cream no lettuce but that was okay though  it still was great! Then we went to another beach the next day it was called Le jolla beach In San Diego So interesting this place was more to just walk through the waves because the waves crashed to quick they also were pretty big so we didn’t really swim so haha.

But besides that we were able to see Some Sea Lions And they smell soo bad actually like just even being high up you still can smell their scent from even far away they just smell that bad not joking. The Sand there though was great For making Sand castles!  But this other beach Called Moon light beach it’s pretty awesome this place we tried to surf haha and when we did it’s just not a great thing for me to do. Also we sucked because of us not anymore experience other then just one day to figure it out! So I’m not giving up because i still want to learn how to surf just.. not yet.

WE THEN WENT TO THE BIGGEST ZOO IN THE WORD! Well I think it’s the biggest in the world The San Diego everything there was so big, like it’s unbelievable that what you heard and saw. The birds are so funny they had like a man yelling not kidding it’s great the monkey’s were pretty hilarious all the animals were so cool but I mean just all of the Animals  were pretty much showing off as usual. Our last Day we were able to go whale watching and maybe some Dolphins.  When we got onto the boat it’s pretty cool not gonna lie about that. Just being an a type of boat like that so fancy and nice in away. But Whale watching is really hard to find them. other then the Dolphins there were like supposedly only three whales two adults and a baby whale. But then we watched the Dolphins there were so many dolphins there was literally so many dolphins swimming right by the boat.

We loved to get Ice Cream all the time in the week. But there Ice cream was pretty great SOOO I mean this is pretty nice. But before we got home we went to this really cool ice Cream place called the beaver country creamery so Sick. but this vacation for Spring break was awesome.

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March Madness: The Finals

March madness has been nothing short of crazy this year. Upset after upset has destroyed peoples’ brackets. Lower seeds like UCLA have made their way to final spots. The championship game takes place tonight the 5th of April, where Gonzaga is taking on Baylor after a well-fought run.

One of the most memorable games of march madness history took place the other night when 11 seed UCLA took on 1 seed Gonzaga into an overtime buzzer beater. The entire game was back and forth with both teams playing some of the best basketball that we have seen this year. Everyone thought the game would go into a second overtime to continue the suspense, but all hope was lost when Suggs lobbed a near half-court shot to bank in with no time left to win the game for Gonzaga 93 to 90.

The Baylor and Houston game was nothing compared to UCLA and Gonzaga. Baylor had an early lead and maintained it the entire game to finish with a 19 point victory sending them to the finals without a sweat. UCLA defeated a number one seed Michigan in the elite eight to earn their spot in final four.

Gonzaga heads into the championship with an undefeated record and if they win tonight, they’ll be the first ones since the 60s. Gonzaga has never won the tournament and this might be the year for them. It certainly won’t be easy, especially heading up against another 1-seed Baylor.

A large percentage of brackets have placed these two in their final match up but its a 50/50 split on who people think will take the title this year. I expect a lot of eyes on the game tonight with such an audience that we have had this year. This year has been like nothing ever seen before, not just because of the pandemic, but because of the amount of energy and interest that has rolled over from last year.

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Davis gaming club might be just the place for you

The Davis High gaming club is ran by Mr. Stanley and is a space where everyone is welcome and can get together to game. The club meets every Thursday after school to play various games together.

I asked Nolan Crook, a member of the gaming club, for examples of some of the games that they play.

“Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Overwatch, Minecraft, Rocket League and Halo.”

He replied.

They meet after school on Thursdays in Mr. Stanley’s room 1221, where they play different games together for around two hours.  Apparently, there is a gaming club Minecraft world that you can join, and they actually compete against other schools in Smash Brothers.

“The tournaments are in Salt lake or Provo and you play against other high school’s teams  and stuff.”

Explains Nolan Crook when asked about his experience in competing with the club.

The rocket league team also has tournaments that are in Provo or Salt Lake.

Nolan also talked about his experience at a tournament where he got to meet famous Smash Brothers ultimate player Best Ness. Due to COVID restrictions, the Smash Brothers tournaments and Rocket League tournaments are now being held on Discord.

Every week, the Smash Bros team holds what are essentially tryouts for the tournaments. In these meetings, members of the team compete against each other in a tournament-style bracket and the top 5 get to go to the real tournaments against other schools.

If you want to join the gaming club because you love gaming or just because you’d think it would be fun, you can talk to Mr. Stanley in room 1221.

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Amazing club helps students learn French

Every day the French club grows bigger as more students learn French and learn more about themselves and the language. Madame Clegg teaches excellently and hosts the club while showing students what it means to speak French at Davis High.

French club has been around for years and each year it only gets more interesting. Students learn French but find out there is much more as they begin going to French club.

The daily life of the French is exhibited through the French Club as Madame Clegg brings France to the States. Many students join for the amazing food and music they listen to while learning a brand-new language.

“I try to make it fun so everyone will know what France might be like.”

Says Madame Clegg.

After many years of perfecting the French club, students join with the idea that they will be successful. Student after student excels in French because they can experience France in the US.

While lots of people learn French, they may not find it as exciting as taking another class that would seem more interesting.

“I’ve just always been in French, I’ve seen tons of people take it, but French club is pretty cool rather than taking French in a normal boring way.”

Says Lucas Monjar.

Not only do they have small parties, they use different sources to learn French in a fun way.

“I bet I’ve learned more from singing songs in French than some types of study skills in a normal French class.”

Lucas Monjar states.

French club has helped countless students learn French in a more efficient and fun way. People look forward to the future as French is becoming more and more common.

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Davis Debate takes 2nd in state; debatable or not?

Davis High debate team took second in state this past weekend. This is a look into what got them there, and how they plan to take it all next year. After a close battle, Davis took second in a close, heated yet orderly debate competition.

“We are skilled, coordinated, and team-oriented,” stated team member Evan Johnson, when asked why Davis made it to state.

Even with all those qualities, it can be difficult to come out triumphant, especially when there are so many other variables thrown into the mix that can affect you, and alter your performance. “It’s difficult cause we never know how our opponents are preparing, or how they’ll perform,” said Johnson about the challenges.

That is all very true. Debate is a very difficult event; one that takes lots of concentration and proficiency in expressing oneself. You must be witty and quick on your feet. You have to really know what you’re talking about, and all the statistics and information concerning it.

“The other team was slightly more tactful, and a bit more prepared and organized,” stated Johnson on why Davis took second, rather then first.

And that happens. The only thing that truly matters is how you pick yourself up and alter your behavior to do better next time. “We could work on better coordination, dictation and learning how to work better as a team,” said Johnson about the changes they plan to make to take the cake next year.

Overall, they did fantastic! Making it to state amongst the 400+  Utah high schools is a feat of its own. It shows extreme work, dedication, and a true passion for what they do.

“Just a chill vibe. Not strict at all…a place where you can relax, work on your case and get instant support and answers,” described Johnson on what a typical day in debate looks like.

It’s very impressive what these students have accomplished, and all the hard work they have put into their love for debate. It’s no easy task, and that’s not debatable.


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Pickle ball club takes the lead


Pickleball club is a fun and exciting thing built up from the ground by Davis High students who wanted something exciting in 2019. Students, Lucas Monjar and Weston Catenzaro helped build this amazing club.

In 2018-19 some Davis High students thought of making a club where they could have fun with their friends and exercise as well. What started as a small friends activity led to other students eventually joining and playing with their peers.

“Really pickleball was just a fun sport for me and my friends to enjoy, we figured we play it enough with each other we might as well make a worthwhile club.” says Lucas Monjar, one of the cosigning pickle ball club leaders.

Pickleball, a game similar to tennis, picked up as more and more students learned how much fun they could have. After a year of playing and another year of covid-19, students are still playing pickleball as if it was created yesterday.

This year in 2021 pickleball still takes place often with small tournaments, while some train much more than others, overall it is an extracurricular in which many students don’t care about winning or losing but only to “hang with peers.”

“I never knew about pickleball but I always played ping pong, this seems like a game that would be great to play in the future.” Student says.

Many people hadn’t heard of pickleball until this club was created. As this student said they were able to feel like they knew how to play only from ping pong, or table tennis.

While some people have continued playing, others aren’t so sure and decide to take their leave.

“The game is so much fun but I can’t enjoy pickleball while the room is so full with random people.” Weston Catenzaro says.

Weston is a founder of pickle ball club and goes to show that not everyone is built for this kind of club. Pickleball club shows lots of students how they can join together and have fun. And perhaps in the future pickleball club will play against other schools.

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Davis High Mountain Biking Team

Everyone’s heard of school sports like soccer, and basketball. But not everyone has heard of mountain biking. Mountain biking is a growing sport around Davis High and other schools in Utah. This makes sense because there are lots of awesome trails in the mountains around here.

The Mountain bike team is a friendly environment for everyone. Anyone can join with just a fee. It is a great way to meet new people and progress your skills as a mountain biker.

The mountain bike team does lots of practices to get ready for the races. There are four races in a season and then there is the state race for the fastest kids that qualify.

When asked how he thought last season turned out, Raymond Jordan said, “Last season turned out better than I thought due to the early mornings up Farmington canyon…”

When he says early mornings up Farmington canyon he is talking about practices where the team goes and rides up the canyon. It is up hill for several miles so it really helps riders build strength and endurance for the races.

“I was able to accomplish 4th place overall…,” Said Raymond when asked what he had accomplished this season. 4th place overall means that in his racing category, he got 4th place at the end of the season. That is very good considering some races have 90 people in them.

Races are at different locations around Utah. This year, some races were at Beaver Canyon, Eagle mountain, Powder Mountain, and Snow Basin. The state race took place in St. George in southern Utah.

The racers that finish in the top 25 overall at the end of the season go to the state race. It is pretty much an incentive for riders to go fast and push their limits so they can make it to the state race and the end of the season.

When Spencer Swain was asked about his experiences at the state race he said, “I had a really good time and it was fun to race against the fastest riders in the state. It really pushed me to be a better rider and I’m glad I was able to go.”

Joining the Davis High Mountain Bike Team is something that more people should consider because it is a great program that is super cool.


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Could there be a bowling club at Davis?

Has anything ever been appealing to you but seems just out of reach? Something like bowling, maybe? Here at Davis High School, Bowling is something that most students see as a pastime. Could Bowling possibly be integrated into Davis High as a club or competitive sport? Stick around to see if the general opinion of the students says so.

In a poll of 20 random students at Davis High, 45% of the students said they were interested in bowling, 10% could see DHS creating a team of talented Bowlers, and that same 10% said they could see it being successful. Then, once again, the same 10% said they would join the team/club. All of a sudden, it’s not looking so good for a Bowling team at DHS.

As the final question on the poll, the students were asked if they thought the idea was waste of time, good enough to be a club, or should be made into a school sport. 60% of the students thought it would be a waste of time, 25% thought it should be a club, and 15% thought it should be made into a school sport.

What can be said from these polls is that DHS doesn’t seem to be too interested in competitive bowling as a school team. To me personally, I just see bowling as a fun pastime activity to partake in with your family, friends, or a date. I’m not sure if I can speak for other students by saying this, but to me it seems like they feel the same way.

Although Bowling at DHS isn’t exactly a bad idea, to a general audience, it isn’t a great one. With enough students and faculty supporting the idea, it could become a reality, but until then, bowling looks like it’s just gonna have to stay one of those activities you do with grandma.

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Shocking poll shows that only 25% of students care about Davis sports

A new poll at Davis High interviewing 20 students of different genders, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds found that only 5 in 20 keep up with Davis sports in any way.

With the Covid-19 pandemic raging throughout Utah, many Davis High recipients found themselves not going to sports games which they traditionally traveled to. However, this new poll shows that the majority of students never cared in the first place.

“I just don’t care” is the answer we got from many students when asking them why they don’t keep up with the sports world at Davis.

Surprisingly, the majority of people who do care about sports participate in them, simply saying: “I play them” when asked about why they keep up with the Davis sports scene.

About 3 out of the 5 who keep up with Davis sports played in them, showing that the majority of people who don’t play sports never bothered with them in the first place.

“It’s boring” is another characteristic response from students who were asked why they don’t care about sports.

In the age of information, it seems that people just have more fun things to do, or they just don’t have the time.

With the advent of new recreational activities such as videogames, Netflix, YouTube, etc., it seems people just cannot find a reason to go to the sports stadium.

Others seem to have better things to do on a Tuesday/Thursday night saying: “They(sports) don’t matter”.

With mountains of homework and virtual learning becoming more common, many decide to fulfill their responsibilities rather than engage in this recreational activity. Covid-19 effected how many people could come to sports games, so we’ve seen a large decline in the attendance.

As lockdowns and mask mandates begin to lift, it calls into question: will anybody show up to the sports games? Will we see an increasing interest in sports at Davis? Or will we continue to lose interest in these recreational activities?

It’s hard to say, but for now the majority of Davis will just move on with their life despite any sports events.



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The Year Ahead for the Davis High Boys Soccer Team

The Davis High boys soccer team has finished their tryouts and is heading into the 2021-2022 season. With a global pandemic and the previous season being cut short, the season ahead has been a big mystery- until now. Although last year’s seniors got an unfortunate exit, they passed the torch on to some new prospects on the team. And they think this season will be a good one.

“I think we will be strong compared to last year, especially with the season being cut short” replied mid-field Elliot Pehrson on being asked how the season will be now that tryouts are over.

Star senior Simon Jensen had a similar opinion, saying, “I think this year will between us and Weber; we will be one of the top dogs.”

As last year’s seniors left, it seemed to concern Simon Jensen. He said, “We lost our star forward and one of the best goalies I’ve ever gotten to play with, but I have confidence in this year’s team and look forward to playing at Rio Tinto.”

When asked what will be different this season compared to last, Junior Cooper Barnes said, “With last year being cut short, our team chemistry needs to be put in priority. We haven’t had the previous experience to see how each other play, and I look forward to seeing how it goes.”

Coming in after Covid, the new team and players have less experience than previous seasons. But Elliot viewed this as a positive: “We have a pretty young team that I can grow with. Last year we had a lot of seniors, so it will be interesting to see how we do on our own, especially in our senior year “.

All three replied that they wanted more student appearance at the games. Simon said, “I want a mob, from the beginning to the end. I want support from everyone.”

Cooper and Elliot had similar responses, saying “We need more students to come to the games. It would be cool to see a mob like the football games have.”

Davis heads into their first of two pre-season games against Weber this week, and then it’s off to the races as the season starts.

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Less practices, people and fun: How Covid has affected the Davis Mountain-Bike team

Last year looked quite different for the members of the Davis High Mountain-Bike team. Unable to hold as many practices as previous years, and with less coaches and teammates, some riders were left in the dust.

“We had to wear masks, have less people, and didn’t have as many practices as before,” said Charlie Zaugg about how Covid affected the team.

But they’ve dealt with it the same way we all have in these strange times: by social distancing, wearing masks, and following the rules/guidelines from the state and CDC. It’s been hard, but it’s the only thing we can really do.

Riders are eager for a change of scenery this upcoming 2021 season, and with it right around the bend, now is a prime time for those changes to be made.

“I’d like to have more practices at Snowbasin and less Farmington Canyon rides,” says Charlie Zaugg, hopeful for the upcoming season.

Since things have been so different this year already, it may be the year to alter these things and make the changes that the riders want.

“I would also like to see more riders go to state,” says Zaugg about his personal and team goals for this upcoming season.

While mountain biking is more of an individual sport, there is still so much teamwork and comradery among the riders, always pushing each other to become better riders and to do their best.

“Encourage others on more, and stay more unified, cause Covid makes it hard,” says Ethan McKay about what he’d like to see more of this season.

I don’t think anyone could have said it better. During times like these, we all need to think more of our communities, family, friends, and loved ones. Sacrificing things we love and care about can be challenging, but sometimes you just have to keep pedaling and moving forward.




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How Christmas will be like for this year?

2020 has been very hectic so many things that have changed. What is Christmas really going to be like? What do you guys think Christmas will be like. So many people have and might change some of those traditions will not be able to go and do those things. But I mean it’s almost the new year so.. Which there could be the same things not a lot of  restrictions but still covid-19 regulations. Interesting enough there is so many people don’t even care about it that much. I don’t really  mind the covid-19 regulations there just very annoying. Which sucks when you have soft closer and all these other things you have to worry about. Man 2020 hasn’t been the best year everyone thought it could have been. Which is understandable I mean everyone thought 2020 was gonna be such a great year! Wrong it literally sucks haha but, there’s been some good things and some bad things about this year. I think Christmas will be the same I hope. Nothing should change at all. Interviewing Jordan Phelps this is what he told me, “I think that this Christmas there’s going to not have some people not coming to celebrate together because of them being high risk of covid-19. But there still won’t have them stop gathering in big groups for Christmas.” So he has a very good point about some people not being able to come, but it’s a good thing they might not be able to come. More time for them to be safe until the covid-19 issue isn’t an issue. But most of these traditions will be okay everyone will be fine to be honest. Like your friends and family and neighbors will be okay there’s not really an issue. Heck my dad has trouble with asthma, so he’s high risk  going out and seeing people or family. But, that’s not going to stop us from going out and having a great December because the virus isn’t an issue if we are  doing what were suppose to do. They are getting the virus right now I’m not sure where they are working on right now in the united states. The Vaccine has arrived into Utah. But theirs only certain people who will receive it at first. Which makes sense but I’m very optimistic about the new year hoping it’s going to be much better then this year. Well let’s just hope that Christmas traditions and everything we do we will be okay for Christmas.

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How did we not get closed down after the Covid-19 test !?

Okay I know what you are going to say and I was thinking the same thing!? So there were literally 500 people who got tested, And there were only one person that tested positive which he got quarantined  before they did the test.  But thank goodness. Which means still we get school which is awesome. It’s great to be having school because if we did close down again, we would have to online schooling which sucks! Microsoft word and Zoom. So why were they trying to test 500 people. wouldn’t that just make use be more likely to get covid-19? But I mean they  know what there doing. Which This it creepy to talk to the girl you like friends for advice about her? Took a risk to see who and how many people were or could have caught the virus. They had to have been checked two times. Now I don’t know about you but, for me that be a pain the  butt to have to do that. Would that  mean they had to take two different test? Wait, two test like nose and then mouth? still confused with these type of things.  How come they haven’t tested us? I know were not  in the school teams but, like don’t you think we should have been tested to if we might have got it. Okay but to be real if we are 6 feet from someone and not wearing mask  they couldn’t get or could they? besides that there really shouldn’t be an issue of us having to test that many people. Didn’t they tell us that the vaccine  was really close to be working? Okay be serious though who controls Health Department?! seriously doesn’t anyone think its Bill gates? Or is that just me? Anyways  how is it possible out of 500 students there was only one person tested for covid-19 ridiculously lucky. How it’s insane why has this virus not gone away!? They told us that it was going to be done by December. Why hasn’t that not happened? It’s very frustrated that  it’s still there. Some of the people have been having vaccines reaction from them because of the materials in the vaccine they make. But sadly we still have to soft closing for the rest of the week so… Great! But I  mean we won’t have to go to school anymore for the rest of the week.  Hope 2021 is much better then 2020 haha. But Good luck Davis.

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What’s the story behind Kainoa’s song?

So there has been some rumors on this person in our school, and you all probably know him! So what can we uncover? I watched his videos, but he sang with some other people. He did a great job with the songs, especially with these people and the one he sang by himself. With how they did the editing, I enjoyed everything about both of them to be honest. I think they have great bunch of people to help out make these great, professional music videos. They are really close to gaining 930 subscribers.

You will be so thrilled that you were able to know of this amazing music video channel. They definitely know how to do these types of things. But as soon as you listen to both of these music videos you might want to listen to them over and over. I sure have been listening to them over and over, and they are just that type of music.  You can just feel that emotion from the music. It makes you feel good.

I’m very happy I know Kainoa a little, as I didn’t know he was this impressive with singing and video creation. They have been working on this channel for a while considering how many subscribers they have. But being a part of that is for sure a great and wonderful idea. Their editing was very awesome. They even had an editing team, so their video took about six days to do all of. Recording all the instruments and vocals took one day. It took one day for rehearsal, one day for shoot, and two or three days to edit. So there was very great preparation with these videos.

I know there’s just no words to explain these songs, especially if you listen to them. They are just the best. I really hope everyone in our school can know of these songs. One song I really enjoyed that Kainoa sang is “You’re not your mistakes”. He was also in this song with four other people and they made a nice Christmas music video. They are called “Kids America”. This music is awesome, so go check them out. You won’t regret it. One of his song is out on iTunes and possibly on Spotify and other places but I don’t know for sure. Kainoa’s feelings towards the music videos is that he felt really good. “When I was singing those songs because singing is something I love to do. And when I sing I feel like nothing else matters,” he explained.

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Lacrosse Class: Is it Worth it?

With the lacrosse season approaching, and lacrosse coming in swinging at full speed, the question of the day is do they deserve a lacrosse class period during school. As some may not know lacrosse is finally becoming a sanctioned sport in the Davis School District, and it deserves to be treated just like every other sport that has a class period at this school.

Members of the lacrosse team has been trying to convince the vice principal, Mark Jolley, to put together a class for them before the next semester starts. I have asked numerous players about what they would use the class for and all of them responded passionately with great ideas.

“It would be super beneficial to have a class period because we could use it to lift on our non-game days. On the days where we would have a game the same day we had the class period, we would use it to watch film on the opponent we play that day or we can use it to get a real good stretch in.” – Kache Allen, Lacrosse Captain

All points seem very valid to these boys who would use the period.

Every sanctioned sport at Davis High school has a class period during the day to train, workout, and even to use as a study hall period. I think it would be fair to have that since Lacrosse will be a sanctioned sport this upcoming semester, it definitely deserves a period as well as every other sport at the school. With the semester starting along with the season starting, the lacrosse team waits impatiently for the class to be created and started for them before the season and semester starts.

Eventually the class period has to be started for the sport, and the players insist the sooner the period is created the better!

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Marcus Williams: Simply Swimmin’

Once a shy sophomore, now senior Marcus Williams shares his swimming story and all the emotions with it.

After almost three years of being on a competitive swim team, it’s finally coming to an end. He started his sophomore year at Davis High school and has loved it ever since. It has impacted him in many ways, particularly in his social life.

“I’ve made a lot of super close friends I didn’t think I was going to make.”

He said.

Those kids he bonded with the first couple days of swim practice turned into life-long friends who are together every single day after school. The team spends 10-20 hours a week for all things swim-related. Whether it’s in the pool, lifting weights, or competing, the team is always together.

“It makes me sad knowing that there’s only two meets left, even worse because one got cancelled. We’re all so connected to the team and the coaches and it’s just all gone in two weeks.”

Said Marcus.

His senior season is coming to an end way too fast for his liking. The State meet is coming up the last week of January and there’s definitely some competition and pressure.

“There’s pressure to drop time and compete well for the team especially because there’s kids who are quarantined. Plus, all the athletes are getting tested tomorrow, so who knows if we’ll get shut down and not even have the last two weeks of the season.”

While competing for a spot at the State meet, Marcus is pushing himself harder than ever. No mistakes, no off days, just hard work. Not many people can say that they’ve been on the Davis High Swim team and have competed at the State meet. We all enjoy doing things we love, and Marcus loves swimming. His favorite part is just being active and being part of an amazing team.

“Swim is awesome, you should join!”

He stated.

Everybody’s known that Marcus was meant to be a swimmer. Even though it’s already been three years, he’s just getting started.

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Behind the scenes of Anastasia

After months of rehearsals, cancellations and overcoming huge obstacles with covid-19, the cast of Anastasia finally opened this past Friday January 8, 2021.

Originally scheduled to open last May, Davis High’s production of Anastasia was allowed to open 9 months after it was intended to due to the pandemic. There were many hurdles leading up to opening night, but that never stopped the cast. For the past nine months they’ve been working on this play, staying hours upon hours after school- some nights as late as 10:30 pm. The cast put in so much work and effort into this production and they want everyone to experience this play first hand.

“We’ve worked so hard and I want people to see the hard work and the results.”

Said Brynn Brady, who played Anastasia/Anya.

“It’s kind of just an escape and it’s hard to find a good way to escape for a few hours and just enjoy all of the hard work that’s been put into this.”

John Morley, one of the actors who played Dimitri, said.

These students have spent so much time together and it was time well spent. The cast have all become extremely close with one another and have had so much fun with each other. They have truly become a family.

“I literally love this cast”

Said Kylee Alder who played Lily, the Grand Duchess’ lady in waiting.

They have all put in so much work and time into this play and they’re all very grateful to be able to perform in front of a live audience. According to the cast, receiving a standing ovation at the end of the night is like their reward for all of their hard work.

“My favorite part of the show is the applause and just being able to act with all my friends.”

John Morley explained.

With such a seasoned cast like this, they’re bound to have an amazing show and that’s exactly what it was.

“Two thumbs up!”

Jaxon Brown, a Davis High alumni, expressed after viewing the performance.

This show and cast deserve all the support they can get from their fellow Davis darts! Davis High’s production of Anastasia is showing January 8-16 at 7:00 pm every day as well as a matinee showing at 2:00 pm Saturday afternoon. You can buy tickets at https://davisdarts.org/event-tickets/

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Now That’s Debatable

When people think about debate they typically think about arguments. Although this is a large part of it, debate encompasses so much more. When you are in a tournament, you are competing against other schools and their teams.

When competing, you’re not only competing to get 1st place, you are also competing to get points which are recorded by the National Speech & Debate organization (NSDA). Based on these points, you are given a ranking starting with Merit up to Premier Distinction.

Debate involves several different events revolving around debate and speech. There are the more well-known events such as Lincoln Douglas, which is a one-on-one structured debate where you have to be prepared to argue either side of a given topic. A similar event is called Public Forum, which has the same structure but with a partner.

The lesser known debate events include Congress, Big Questions, Policy, Spar, and Character Spar. These events can often take from 20 minutes to 2 hours, where competitors must prepare a speech or argument on a variety of topics on the spot. Debate events typically take longer than speech events and will give you more points.

The most well-known speech event is Impromptu, which when the competitor is given 3 topics to choose from, and then has 7 minutes to write and present a speech on the topic they chose. Some other events are National Extemporaneous, Foreign Extemporaneous, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Dou Interpretation, Oratory, Informative, and Story Telling. These events usually require a time range of 30 minutes to 2 hours. Speech events usually earn you half as many points as debate events, but you can double enter, which means you can compete in two events per tournament.

Through debate, you can get a number of scholarships and opportunities, especially if you are high ranking. Many colleges look for students who have done really well in high school debate to be on their team.

With covid-19, debate is no longer in-person which can be seen as both good and bad. One positive is that students are able to compete in 2 live events and in as many events that can be pre-recorded as they want, which helps students raise their NDSA points. However, on the down-side, it is harder to persuade the judge, because you are no longer able to use body language to help convey your point.

All in all, debate is a lot of fun and can open up many doors in one’s life. Taking a class is not required to join the debate team. All you have to do is show up to practice on Mondays and Thursdays right after school until 4PM at the latest in room 2803. Everyone is welcome!


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Theatre During Covid: One Act Auditions

Every year the Davis theatre department puts on at least 3 main events, The fall musical, the one act play festival, and the spring show. This year however covid has put a big question mark after all of these, the fall musical has been pushed back to January and it is unknown if there is going to be a spring show. However the one act play festival is still going to be put on this year.

The one act play festival is a collection of 6 student directed one act plays that will be performed in February. This past week auditions and callbacks were held and cast lists posted.

This year we are determined not to let the arts die and to push for the ability to perform and try to have as close to a normal year as possible.

Part of the reason why one acts specifically is still going to happen is because of the great experiences and learning that can happen because of the festival.

All plays are overseen by the theatre teacher, Michael Wright, but are directed by seniors who are in advanced theatre. This allows for the one acts to be one of the most laid back and fun events of the year for theatre.

The directors were selected through an audition process putting their directing ability and their chosen show up to bat to win out. The chosen directors this year are Trey Peterson, Abby Mathews, Kenzie Carter, Nathan Peterson, Daniel Findlay, and McKenna Plowman.

With just two months of rehearsals casts must come together after school and push to get the shows done in time. The difficulty of getting these shows to be performance ready as some parts have no lines and only blocking and some roles have almost 200 individual lines.

So what makes one acts so fun? The combination of having all students and working together on something that you’re passionate for just ends up being a great time, not to mention countless relaxed rehearsal where games or food may play a large part in motivating and helping casts to become better actors.

The play festival also helps to induct students that previously haven’t been involved In theatre, auditions are open to anyone and so all it takes is hard work and a little bit of talent to get in. This also helps to get more involved in theatre if that’s what you want.

“I am excited to be director and get to work behind the scenes of the shows and be in charge of something that’s my own, one acts are 6 one acts directed by advanced theatre students who cast and direct the shows. Any davis high student can audition and it is such a fun experience where you can grow as an actor, makes lots of new friends, have something to look forward to and put effort into and experience something new” -Kenzie Carter, a senior and one act director at Davis

The one act play festival is one of the largest opportunities for students to show how talented they actually are and get acting opportunities that aren’t as available in the big musical or just small classes. Being involved can even help your chances to be cast in future shows or classes at davis high.

Most of the advanced theatre students have been in one acts every year and some even have been cast in two shows each year. It’s possible to get in without being in one acts or the musical but it certainly helps your chance if you have been more involved in the past.

Here at Davis we are dedicated to keeping the arts and theatre alive, during this pandemic it has become very difficult to put on shows or keep performances and activities for the arts. We want to prove that the arts can be safely and have just as much right to perform and go on as any of the sports teams.

So this year we ask for your help to support theatre and the arts by coming to shows and voicing your support that we will not let the arts die but we need to push and keep doing what we love to show that it can be done.

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Governor’s Mandate: Anastasia the Musical Postponed

On Sunday November 8th at 9:30 pm governor Herbert made a mandate stating that masks must be worn, and all extracurricular activities except for playoff games and championships are canceled for the next two weeks and we have been told to stay at home. This has caused the musical Anastasia to be postponed as well causing serious worry and causing many to ask if the mandate is fair or not.

“The musical is currently postponed indefinitely, although we hope to open this December or January depending on conditions.” – Michael Wright, the theatre teacher and director here at Davis High.

The musical being postponed poses a huge challenge as opening night would have been this Friday and would have ran until next Saturday, all of this falls within the two week mandate period meaning that the tickets that have been already sold have to be somehow refunded or transferred to a new date.

Not only that but the dress rehearsals that are critical to the show are temporarily called off and the equipment that is being rented out for the duration of the show may not be available at another time, this causes serious worry about the show going on at all.

The worry is that another Into the Woods situation would happen, this spring the musical into the woods was canceled on the final dress rehearsal because of COVID, originally it was planned to be postponed for two weeks but weeks stretched into months and it was eventually canceled altogether despite all the funds that would be lost by not being able to sell tickets.

There is concern that this will also happen to Anastasia, thousands of hours by hundreds of people have gone into putting this show together, and yet at the drop of a hat we have been called to cancel the show.

However, at the same time the football playoffs and championship games are still allowed to go on, and school continues at full capacity and even had a gathering of over 300 people in the auditorium during school for info on caps and gowns.

The seating capacity is 300 individuals per show not including the cast, crew, or orchestra. Capacity is usually around 1500 and so it has been already reduced to 20%.  It has been planned to make sure that social distancing procedures are followed and the risk to spread COVID is greatly reduced.

And yet despite the countless safety measures that have been put into place for the musical, is it not enough to keep it open? Masks are worn during all practices and sanitation is frequent. Opening a show is almost an equivalent to playoffs for football. Many upset students and parents are asking: why does football get this special treatment and yet the musical and other extracurriculars are shut down?

Many students are understandably dismayed at this and upset that despite all of the hard work and hours of practice, planning, building and advertising that might go to waste.

Anastasia at Davis High would be the first performance of the show in the entire state, not even professional theatres have given a shot at it yet and it is equipped with a full pit orchestra. We hope that people stay safe so that we may resume the musical after this temporary postponement and we encourage others to remain safe and supportive of the arts so that we may resume and be able to put on this show that means so much to so many.

The show also brings hope that theatre can continue after this pandemic and that the arts are not just an afterthought when sports have finished. The arts are worth it, to fight for and to work so that we can bring hope and entertainment into peoples lives during this difficult time.

The greatest hope is that the musical can resume soon and be able to show what the actors, crew, and orchestra have worked on since the start of school and perform an amazing show despite all the cancelations of musicals all over the state.

With this in mind it, is hoped that the mask mandate will be followed and that we may lower cases to a point where reopening and performing the show would be a viable and safe option.

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The Bachelorette is Back…

The Bachelorette is a reality dating competition show that premiered on ABC in 2003. This show consists of 31 men and 1 woman, and the end goal is for the Bachelorette to choose one contestant and get engaged. However, the process to this ending is far from simple and the result is often complicated and usually ends in a way that is less than ideal.  

So, what keeps viewers interested in this show for 17 years if it almost always fails in the end? Sam Slatter (Sr.) claims that this is his favorite reality tv show because, “It’s funny to watch them get all mad over nothing.” 

This show has a reputation of being dramatic, and it never fails to exceed that expectation. However, this is most likely the reason why the show has been so successful for so long. Abby Nelson (Sr.) stated that she enjoys watching “The Bachelorette” because of,” all the cute boys.” 

The most recent season of “The Bachelorette” premiered on October 13th and is already proving to be problematic.  Clare Crawley claimed to have “met her future husband” after having a short interaction with him during the first night. Rumors have been spread about her quitting halfway through the season, which would be unprecedented in the show history. Emma Remington (Sr) believes that “She is going to ruin the whole season” and this opinion is shared by many other viewers.  

“The Bachelorette” is a show that is enjoyed by many students and teachers at Davis High. Everyone is eager to see how this unexpected season will turn out, and Clare Crawley is guaranteeing for it to be a wild ride. 


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